Lites Down is a 2000 sq ft recording facility located in Rosemont Petite Patrie operating since September 2017. The space includes a central control room, large live room, lounge, functional kitchen,  and unique salle de bain. 

The control room revolves around a 1970's Neotek Series One console. Originally built in Chicago, the console has been brought up to spec in Montreal after travelling from NYC. Integrated right hand patch bay gives endless access to outboard hardware. Our control room offers comfortable seating for clients with a view facing west towards Mont Royal. 

The live room contains a 1950's Willis upright piano, Hammond A100 with Leslie Cabinet, 1970's Ludwig drums with space for full band tracking. Two isolated booths are connected to the live room. A livelier, open side of the room is on the south and an intimate, "dead" side on the north. The live room can assist musicians in many recording or pre production projects. 

A variety of vintage and modern instruments are kept in the lounge, with full access to clients. The lounge also overlooks Mont Royal, facing west. A fully functional kitchen keeps sessions rolling smooth and caffeine warm. WIFI is provided. 

Lites Down offers the studio to record production, freelance engineers, pre production, post production, and can be contacted for daily rates and a complete gear list. Fully compatible with digital/analogue requirements. 

We welcome you to Lites Down. 



1979 Neotek Series One 16 channel 8 Bus Console

RME FireFace 800 Convertors 

Focal Twin 6 Monitors 

Yamaha NS10

Pro Tools HD

Otari MX 80 8 Track 1 inch

Ampex 440b 2 Track 


Altec/Western Electric 639

AKG C414, AKG D224, AKG D12, AKG D19 x2, AKG D222, AKG D190

Aston Spirit LDC x2

Coles STC 4033, Coles 4038x2

Beyerdynamic M201 x2, Beyerdynamic M88, Beyerdynamic M500

Electro Voice RE16

Neumann/Gefell M7 RFT 7151


Sennheiser 441

Shure Unidyne 57

Stromburg Carlson 50

Outboard Hardware:

Ampex 601 Tube Preamp

AKG BX5 Stereo Spring Reverb

CAPI VP 26 x3 (API 512 Clones)

DBX 160X Over Easy Compressor x2

Delta Lab1024 Effectron Delay

Eisen Audio 312 Preamp & DI x2 (API 312 Clones)

Grommes G5 Tube Preamp

Gibson Spring Reverb

Hairball Audio 1176 Blue Stripe x2

IGS LA2A Optical Compressor 

Lites Down Tiled Corridor Echo Chamber

K 10 Space Expander Tube Spring Reverb

RE 201 Roland Space Echo Tape Delay  

Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Stereo Tube Saturation 

Universal Audio Passive Filter 550A

Urei 565T "Little Dipper" Filter 

Verville Audio Stereo Compressor 


1940's Willis & Lindsay Upright Piano 

Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73'

Hammond A100 Electric Organ

Yamaha YC45 Combo Organ


1960's Gibson Skylark 1x8

1980's MusicMan HD210 2x10

1960's Supro Thunderbolt 1x15

1960's Traynor YGS 50 Head


1970's Ludwig Suprophonic & Acrolite 5 x 14 Snares 

1970's Ludwig 22 x 16 x 13

Various Cymbals & Percussion

Specific Gear Available upon request within reason and budget*


Experienced Freelance Engineers are welcome, please contact Lites Down for discounted rates.

Tape Rental $45 (Specific Tape may be purchased by clients, please contact beforehand) 

All reservations require a 25% deposit once scheduled in our calendar. Cancellations 7 days or less before scheduled date will forfeit deposit. 

Full payment is required at the end of session. We accept personal checks, cash, bank transfer & PayPal.


What time do sessions start?

Sessions normally begin @ 12 (noon) and continue until 10 pm unless otherwise discussed with engineer. 

Can I show up early?

We kindly ask our clients to arrive on their scheduled time. In many cases your engineer will already be setting up for your session/s before you arrive, space is fundamental and warm coffee encouraged. 

Can I bring my own amps/drums/keyboards?

As musicians ourselves and gear enthusiasts we do encourage the use of personal gear. However, note that instruments should be in optimal working condition before your session. And all clients are welcome to the provided gear we have in house. 

Can I bring all of my friends/partners/furry animals?

We do our absolute best to keep our door open and welcoming to our clients everyday, but please note this is a work environment dedicated to recording your music so distractions are ideally kept to an absolute minimum. We are a dog friendly studio, but as a pet owner keep in mind that we do our best to provide a clean atmosphere and expect the dog to behave.

Can I smoke/burn candles/light incense? 

No. We have a rooftop terrace where smoking is permitted. Candles unfortunately leave a mess, and if unattended can be dangerous. We appreciate your understanding. 

Can we be best friends after the session/s?

Very likely. 



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